Review: MAC Blush In Coygirl

by - 4:41 PM

Review: MAC Blush In Coygirl


I got a really nice gift from someone dear to me! I finally got a new blush from MAC in Coygirl. It is a sheer blush and the color from the pan can be deceiving. It looks like a plum but once applied to the skin, it turns into a   cool sheer pinkish violet color. I used to buy a lot of lusher in bubble gum pink shade but eventually wanted a lilac blush. 

I used to think that lilac won't look good on the apples of the cheeks but having this in my collection changed my perspective. This blush results in natural, pretty flush cheeks. It glides smoothly so you can easily build the intensity according to your preference. The tip is to get just a small amount and do the blending. Apply more if you would like to intensify the color.

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