Let’s Move & Let’s Love

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Let’s Move & Let’s Love

      I consider myself a lucky mom for having an adorable boy named Zachery Wynn. It was a 360 degrees turn when I had him because I have to start a more mature role and a more meaningful life. It has always been my dream to become a good mother and to raise him well. Wynn is turning 2 this October and I decided it will just be a simple celebration. Maybe cake and spaghetti will do.His first birthday has been extravagant as we need to make it memorable since it is his first. He celebrated it at Shakey's with almost 100 guests. Although we can still do the same this year, I wanted to take a different route and celebrate it in a more inspiring way. I'm thinking of feeding at least 100 street children to make them feel love and to share some of my blessings to them. I want to teach Wynn how to appreciate what he have and share even a small portion of it.

Above is Wynn's 1st birthday party wearing his Superman costume. He was my super boy and my one and only super hero!
This picture was taken last Valentine's day when we had lunch at Eastwood.

Just like the picture above, I hope Wynn's upcoming celebration can make the less fortunate ones feel that they are loved. Even people they do not know personally can show them love and affection. And Wynn at an early age can do it too in his own simple way. After all, Wynn can have all the things and foods that he wanted. But the street children can seldom eat on a daily basis. They lack not just the basic things but even emotional needs. I still need to coordinate with different social institution to make this a reality. If this will push through, Wynn will be proud of himself 10 or 15 years after because at a young age, he was able to sacrifice one birthday party and turn it into something that is even more memorable.

We can all make a difference. As they say, it only takes a small amount of time and money to help out the needy. We can all start loving and touching lives. What simple acts do you have in mind? Let's move and let's spread the love!


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