Dupe: Nars in Angelika and Elf in Fuchsia Fusion

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Dupe: Nars in Angelika and Elf in Fuchsia Fusion

I am so obsessed with blush on. Although I have collection of make ups from eye shadows, to liners, to mascara,to foundation, to lipstick, I would say that my huge collection are really for cheek color. I have all sorts ranging from the conventional powder blush, the more dramatic cream blush, and even the difficult to apply liquid blush. I'd say that I still prefer the powder type. I like the idea on how you use the brush to add color to the apples of your cheek.

I invest in good make up so as to avoid skin breakouts. I've learned that cheap brands have more alcohol content that leads to skin problems and early skin aging. As a result, I need to buy the more expensive brands to achieve a clearer skin. I was amazed on how some blush have the same shade. And when you compare prices, one is really cheaper and a good alternative to the high end brands, that is if you are only considering the color and not the overall effects to the skin.

I am so in love with Nars because their products are very much pigmented. It is pricey but worth every . centavo. My first Nars blush is Angelika. It is a soft pink shade with silver pigments. I love how it combines the sweet pink color to the gorgeous white-silvery glitters. A dupe for this shade is Elf's Fuchsia Fusion. It is also a pretty shade of pink with silver highlights. Both are well pigmented and adds a beautiful color to your cheeks. I have both and going gaga over those gorgeous
The packaging are almost the same except for that little transparent rectangle for Elf and the rubbery feel for Nars.
The mirror is bigger with Nars. Both has a plastic covering just like with any other brands.
The one on the left is Fuchsia Fusion and on the right is Angelika
The one from Elf is lighter,almost a pale Pink and Nars is like 2 shades darker.

Rustans is the distributor of Nars. Each powder blush is sold at 1,450Php. Elf is distributed at any SM department store and each powder blush cost 249.50Php.

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